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pola Phase 1 Overall View
polaPhase 2 Overall View
pola Promenade View
polaBon Voyage Plaza View
polaTerminal Plaza View
polaPhase 1 Plan
polaPhase 2 Plan Parking Level
polaPhase 2 Plan Green Roof Level
polaPre-existing Condition

The Port of Los Angeles invited TFO Architecture to submit a Phased Vision Plan / Master plan for the area surrounding the World Cruise Terminal at the port. The TFO Architecture Design Team identified and solved many urban design issues and provide a long-term solution to strengthen the San Pedro community. The green solutions envisaged – in both Phase 1 and Phase 2 – start with a welcoming Gateway Plaza serving residents, Gateway Fountain viewers and cruise passengers at the North with a New Plaza and marquee defining the vehicular and pedestrian entrance to the World Cruise Center and then extends toward the center of San Pedro with landscaped treatment along the Promenade and the major roadway (Harbor Boulevard). The solutions take into consideration sight lines from a wide range of points of view and elevations.The solution begins at the north with the Gateway Plaza – a landscaped area open to the community, with hardscape and softscape improvements. There is a revenue opportunity in 10,000 sq ft of retail / food & beverage including outdoor dining, and an observation deck overlooking the salt marsh. (Bus parking shifts to an area near the Baggage Handling Facility; the bus ramp to access Berth 93 Terminal is maintained.) This Gateway Plaza connects to the north to the salt marsh.

The “World Cruise Center” marquee over the vehicular entrance to the parking area defines the facility and explains its function. This vehicular entrance will be used by passengers departing on a cruise, drivers of cars and buses dropping off or picking up cruise passengers, and drivers parking while viewing the Gateway Fountain or the proposed Phase 1 landscaped berm. The berm extends from the parking entrance at the north to the edge of the site to the south. Within a 60-ft setback, the berm provides (a) a green space for viewing the Gateway Fountain or recreation, (b) on the inside, parking spaces for public use and (c) a visual buffer hiding the expanse of parking behind.

The 250 parking spaces are usable for cruise passengers, and also by general public on a daily basis. The security line when ships are not in port moves to a new security booth location beyond these general use parking spaces.

Beyond the berm proposed in Alternative 1, the green continues with a gentle slope rising to a plateau at 20 ft, then another at 30 ft and the top plateau at 40 ft above grade. The park’s layout will take into account the city street grid, extending the lines of O’Farrell and Santa Cruz as visual elements and paths.

Security is assured by a vertical separation; the park is open to the public, while the parking below is accessible via the main vehicular entrance. The bus ramp to access Berth 93 Terminal is removed, with its function assured by lanes in the parking structure.

In conjunction with the construction of the parking structure, the Berth 91/92 Terminal and Baggage Handling Facility will be removed, replaced by a state-of-the art passenger terminal designed and engineered in close collaboration with the cruise terminal operator.

The park’s top level will have a prominent, revenue-generating food & beverage facility in an iconic building. The lower level of this facility will have a food court, while the upper level will have a high-end restaurant with views of the park to the west and The Port of Los Angeles to the north, east and south; valet parking should be considered.

The park will include recreational areas as well as seating and shade. There can be other commercial facilities in the park.

This top level also provides an opportunity to double the solar panel array near the Berth 93 Terminal.

TFO Architecture: Design Architect