11600 Wilshire
617 West Seventh Street
617 West Seventh Street Extension
7083 Hollywood Blvd
Alliance Headquarters
Braemar Country Club
Bernard's Restaurant
Bjorn Eyewear 1 + 2
CIM Wilshire
GSA E Schwartz Fed Building Staircase
GSA Roybal Jury Room
Historic Breakers Hotel
Hollywood and Highland
Jefferson High School Cafeteria Remodel
Offices for C.W. Driver- Irvine
Offices for Visages, rps
Red Bull
Renaissance Hotel Fitness Center
Roll 7th Floor Lobby
Roll 7th Floor & Legal Offices
Roll-The Orchard
Santa Monica Place- Ugo Café
Sky Room North
Tamara Las Vegas

redbull Rendered View of Entry
redbull Rendered View of Interior
redbull Rendered View of Interior
redbullRendered View of Interior
redbullRendered View of New Parking Structure

TFO / Wirt won a design competition organized by Red Bull to propose ways to expand their office space and increas productivity. TFO / Wirt recognized that an existing central architectural feature was actually dividing the overall office space rather than providing the sense of community that Red Bull was asking for. We proposed to remove the central element and in its place, to creat an internal "street", an open circlation space that would serve as a space of encounters for all workers as they circulate between the various departments. Additionally the street would organize the overall space, like a small city, with the various departments becoming "districts", each with their own identity. The street was activated by a curvilinear overhead element connecting a new lobby , outdoor space, and continuing through the entire facility to an existing theater. As part of the Red Bull expansion plans, TFO was asked to examine options for a dramatic increase in parking capacity, resulting in a scheme that continued the idea of a curving connective element out to a new street facade.

Office Renovation:
• Increase Density
• Improve Workplace/ Event Experience
• Improve Entrance (Courtyard/ Lobby)
• Improve Interactivity for Users
• Centralize Leadership

TFO Architecture and Wirt Design Group: Design Architect