Jefferson High School Cafeteria Remodel
CHIME Charter School
Fairfax High School New Grandstand and Synthetic Track and Field
Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter School
Para Los Niños- Family Learning Complex
52nd Street Elementary School
Academia Moderna Charter School
Alliance- College Ready Academy High School No.5 (Main Street)
Alliance/ Aspire Charter Schools Co-Location
Alliance Cindy and Bill Simon Technology Academy High School (Watts)
Alliance for College Ready Schools- APCH
Alliance for College Ready Schools- 54th St.
Alliance Union Site Plan
Rocklin Academy
Animo Charter High School- Lorena
Animo Charter High School- Whitter
Animo Charter High School- World Trade Center
Animo Leadership Charter High School
Arts and Enterprise First Floor Tenant Improvements
Arts and Enterprise- Los Angeles
Bright Star Schools
Belvedere Restroom
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy
Carson High School
Carver Middle School Athletic Facilities
Chalk Preschool
CHAMPS 8750 Van Nuys
CHAMPS 6842 Van Nuys
CHAMPS Dance Studio
Valor Academy
College Ready Academy High School No.13
Crenshaw YMCA
Downtown Business Magnet High School
East Los Angeles Skills Center
El Rancho Charter MS
Elizabeth Learning Center Science Labs
Ford Boulevard High School
Foshay Learning Center
Frida Kahlo High School
Fusion Huntington Beach
Fusion Academy and Learning Center
Garfield High School
Garfield High School Auditorium
Green Dot Masterplan
Griffith Middle School
Ivy Academia Charter School
Jefferson High School
Jefferson High School New Technology
KIPP Lincoln Heights
LAUSD- District wide roofing projects
LAUSD- Inventory Analysis
LAUSD- Various ADA Barrier removal projects
LAUSD- Various Relo Certification Project
LAUSD- Various Science Labs
Life Line Charter School
Los Angeles Academy of Arts and Enterprise
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Manual Arts High School
Morningside Elementary School
Narbonne High School
Nevin Elementary School
New Heights Charter School
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New Millennium Secondary School- South Bay
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Para Los Niños Middle School
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Performing Arts Auditorium, Southeast High School
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Roosevelt High School
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South Gate High School Library
Synergy Central Ave.- APCH
Verdugo Hills High School
Wilson High School

oscardelahoya View
oscardelahoyaFreeway View
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oscardelahoyaView Metal Panels
oscardelahoyaDetail View Metal Panels
oscardelahoyaDetail View
oscardelahoyaDetail View
oscardelahoyaView of Main Stairs
oscardelahoyaView Stairs to Roof Deck
oscardelahoyaInterior View- Gymnasium
oscardelahoyaInterior View of Hallway

We began working with Green Dot in 2003, with the Master Planning of the Oscar De La Hoya boxing gym site on Lorena Street in Boyle Heights. This effort was part of a long-term 4-phased plan for a growing Green Dot student population that would eventually be housed in the new Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter High School. TFO provided planning and design services for all phases of this Green Dot growth period.

Phase 1 was the conversion of the ODLH site to educational usage through a CUP, and the subsequent construction of 6 portable classrooms to serve 140 students. Phase 2 developed a second site in Whittier and added 12 portable classrooms and an administration building to accommodate the growing student population. Phase 3 provided still more student housing in the World Trade Center building in Downtown Los Angeles, and TFO provided tenant improvement designs for this phase as well. Phase 4 was the re-development of the original site on Lorena Street.

The new school completed in 2009 provides administration and the boxing gym on the ground floor along with on- site parking; classrooms and a basketball court on the 2nd and 3rd floor and a roof top recreation and eating area.

This DSA approved project was funded through the state under proposition 55. The charter school movement is generating schools that are smaller, more "urban" in design, and more closely linked with their neighborhoods. This 71,000 sf program is located on a restricted 36,000 sf site and has 40 parking spaces on grade. Sun control for the Western facing classrooms was also a primary design issue.