11600 Wilshire
617 West Seventh Street
617 West Seventh Street Extension
7083 Hollywood Blvd
Alliance Headquarters
Braemar Country Club
Bernard's Restaurant
Bjorn Eyewear 1 + 2
CIM Wilshire
GSA E Schwartz Fed Building Staircase
GSA Roybal Jury Room
Historic Breakers Hotel
Hollywood and Highland
Jefferson High School Cafeteria Remodel
Offices for C.W. Driver- Irvine
Offices for Visages, rps
Red Bull
Renaissance Hotel Fitness Center
Roll 7th Floor Lobby
Roll 7th Floor & Legal Offices
Roll-The Orchard
Santa Monica Place- Ugo Café
Sky Room North
Tamara Las Vegas

TFO Architecture provides design services for interiors projects including: building analysis, programming, integrated workplace planning and phasing, as-built drawings, space planning, and construction drawings.

TFO Architecture and Wirt Design have formed a new company, TFO-W, with the capability to provide enhanced and seamless design and management services for projects that involve both architecture and interiors.